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Popular Machine Learning interview questions

Hi, this is list of the most popular machine learning interview questions. You can be asked them while applying for ML Engineer position. For each one I tried to add link with short answer. Hope you will enjoy it.

Describe Binary Classification.

Calculate AUC of an ROC curve.

What does P-Value mean?

Explain Linear Regression, assumptions and math equations.

Explain Logistic Regression, assumptions and math equations.

What is cross validation?

What are anomaly detection methods?

What are time series forecasting techniques?

Explain PCA, assumptions, equations.

Explain a probability distribution that is not normal.

What is and why use feature selection?

K-mean and Gaussian mixture model: what is the difference between K-means and EM?

Difference between convex and non-convex cost function, what does it mean when a cost function is non-convex?

Is random weight assignment better than assigning same weights to the units in the hidden layer?

What is Overfitting?

Why is gradient checking important?

Describe Tree, SVM, Random forest and boosting. Talk about their advantage and disadvantages.

Why is dimension reduction important?

Can you explain the fundamentals of Naive Bayes?

Define variance

Describe the difference between L1 and L2 regularization

What is random forest? Why is Naive Bayes better?

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